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About Us

We are a digital services company. We are based in the West Midlands and deliver projects across the UK. Founded in 2000, we are a trusted, technical resource for our clients and customers.

Our small team of software designers work on one project at a time. Each with over 20 years experience working in digital; they design, manage and deliver products with care and precision.

We provide no-obligation, fixed-price quotes for website and application projects. With no upfront fees, all charges are attached to achieving meaningful project milestones.

We also provide time-based services for ongoing technical support. With no monthly commitment, our minimum charge is 1 hour. Timesheets are issued at the end of each month and invoicing is done in arrears.

Our track record is one of smooth project delivery, rapid and responsive support, a low incidence of issues and bugs, and products that continue to perform in the long-term.

We are a carbon neutral business and continually review our business practices to minimise waste, streamline our services and improve efficiency. We regularly review our supply chain and strongly prefer suppliers with verifiable green credentials.



We design and build websites. We provide Project Management, Business Analysis, Visual Design and Technical Development services. We have a simple, proven project process that brings these skills together to deliver the finished product as efficiently as possible.

We build incredibly fast static websites, uniquely functional dynamic websites and easy-to-maintain content-managed websites (usually built on WordPress). Whatever our clients need, we have a means to deliver it; choosing from a range of solutions and drawing on years' of experience.

We test and optimise our work to protect against security risks and to maximise performance. We use plugins and third-party libraries sparingly to minimise the complexity of maintaining and updating the product during it's lifetime.



We build bespoke digital applications. We deliver Digital Transformation by creating refined digital processes that improve efficiency and reduce costs, with 100% ROI typically achieved within 12 months. We also integrate third-party systems to unlock and extend business and customer-facing processes.

We build fully-customised, bespoke applications ranging from form-based systems for surveying and recording data, to integrations with eCommerce, Outbound Marketing and Learning platforms.

We use third-party libraries sparingly and avoid development frameworks to ensure that our codebase is as focussed and lightweight as possible. We believe this makes our applications less vulnerable to security threats, more performant under load and easier to maintain.


Technical Support

We provide technical support for the use and administration of digital workplace systems.

Retained Support

A premium service, providing support via email and telephone. We aim to review all requests within 2 hours (office hours) and respond within 24 hours. In reality, most small requests are completed as soon as we receive them.

We maintain a timesheet and share this at the end of each month. The minimum charge for a request is 1 hour and we charge incrementally in units of 1 hour for additional time as needed.

We charge a fixed monthly fee for access to our premium service, this is invoiced quarterly in advance. We charge monthly in arrears for time used, in units of 1 day (8 hours), and we start invoicing when we have logged at least 4 hours of time.

Zero-hours Ad Hoc Support

A fully-flexible arrangement, providing support via email. We aim to review all requests within 4 hours (office hours) and respond within 48 hours. In reality, many requests are completed same-day, depending on the complexity and the time we receive it. Urgent requests can be made and we prioritise these where possible.

We maintain a timesheet and share this at the end of each month. The minimum charge for a standard request is 1 hour; the minimum charge for an urgent request is 4 hours; and we charge incrementally in units of 1 hour for additional time as needed. Estimates, in advance of work being done, are available on request.

We charge monthly in arrears, in units of 1 day (8 hours), and invoice when we have logged at least 4 hours of time.


Microsoft 365

We manage the setup, configuration and administration of Microsoft 365 for Business. We also support clients migrating to Microsoft 365 from other service providers, such as Google Workspace.

We take care of everything from configuring domain names, to creating accounts and groups, and licensing Office and other Microsoft tools.

Our technical support service ensures that changes, such as adding new starters and removing leavers, are made promptly.


Google Workspace

We manage the setup, configuration and administration of Google Workspace. We also support clients migrating to Google Workspace from other service providers, such as Microsoft 365.

We take care of everything from configuring domain names, to creating accounts and groups, and enabling Google and Marketplace Apps.

Our technical support service ensures that changes, such as adding new starters and removing leavers, are made promptly.


DNS Management

We register, manage and renew domain names. We also support clients with DNS management, including for domain names that are registered and controlled by third-parties.

We operate DNS infrastructure with multiple built-in redundancies. We manage DNS records to authenticate domain names for third-party services, to activate subdomains for new services and to configure security and compliance settings such as DMARC.

DNS Management is a specialist area and we are happy to protect our clients from having to deal with it.


Email Deliverability

We fix issues with email going into Spam. We use industry-leading tools to monitor and investigate email security and deliverability. We implement DNS and Hosting changes to prevent email being treated as Spam, and to close gaps in email security.

We work across all email providers, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and standard IMAP email services. We also support implementing email security measures for third-party and hosted solutions that send email on behalf of clients, such as Outbound Email Marketing tools.

Email security protocols, such as DMARC and MTA-STS, are increasingly being recognised and required by email providers to authenticate and secure email delivery. We support our clients by ensuring email is delivered reliably and safely.


Website Hosting

We setup and support hosting. We also provide a fully-managed service, ensuring that client websites and systems are kept up-to-date and secure.

We use industry-standard hosting management tools to give clients access to their hosting. We help to migrate existing websites onto our hosting and also help with managing services such as FTP and MySQL Databases.

Our standard hosting package includes multi-site capable hosting with daily backups and a separate development site. We also provide CDN space, video streaming hosting and 24/7 monitoring.


Business Email

We setup and manage business email accounts. For clients wanting a cheaper solution than Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, we provide standard IMAP mailboxes that can be accessed via a webmail interface and also connected to mobile and desktop email apps.

Business email includes using a custom domain name to send and receive email e.g. We also manage email forwarding, aliases and filtering.

Our email service includes configurable Spam controls and Tracking tools to ensure that email is being processed properly.



A selection of current clients. For more examples of our work please contact us.

Combat Stress

We work with the UK's leading veterans' mental health charity. We delivered the Living with PTSD campaign site and the veteran-focussed Self Help site. We have also delivered a number of internally-facing applications and integrations to support veterans, clinicians and fundraising activities.

MD Communications

We work with one of London's leading, boutique Legal PR firms. We designed and built the MD Communications corporate website. We also provide fully-managed WordPress Hosting and additional, ad hoc support for website editing.

The Buzz Marketing

We work with this flexible marketing resource company. We built and host The Buzz's website and also manage and support Microsoft 365 across the business.

The Parents Promise

We work with this international social initiative. We built custom functionality for The Parents' Promise website and also provide Website Hosting and manage Google Workspace for their members.


We work with this charity providing support to parents of children with Special Educational Needs. We built the SOS!SEN website and provide ongoing, ad hoc support for content editing.



Lisa Taylor, Combat Stress

Happy to give top marks here, recognising the quality of service we have received from This Company. The agency have delivered several digital projects, with various underlying technologies. Each have been delivered to a high standard and against challenging timescales. Their expertise in data, platform integration and user experience has been invaluable to us. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Elliot Boss, MD Communications

This Company did a fantastic job re-designing, building and hosting our corporate website. From a technical perspective, Matthew is exceptional but more than that, he has a keen eye for content design and UX features. Matthew was always calm, assured and helpful throughout the project and continues to support us. He's always a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend This Company.

Katie Robinson, The Buzz Marketing

This Company has provided great support to us at The Buzz. They set up our website, hosting and company emails amongst so many other bits of technical/IT assistance. Matthew's always available to help with any challenges and provide expert advice. I would highly recommend his services.

James Hayhurst, The Parents Promise

This Company guided me through the successful creation of a website for a social initiative called the Parents Promise. The experience was faultless and Matthew's calm, considered but enthusiastic bedside manner makes him a joy to work with. He's subsequently built another great site for my business and I recommend him without question.

Danny Chambers, hosting client

The ongoing service is excellent. Technical requests are handled with an exceptional level of care that is not commonly found and communication is clear and precise. A trustworthy company with services that can be relied upon.

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